Short Rate

Pay approximately 40% of the full premium since you were insured from the time the wheat was sown until March 15th. Coverage is terminated at this time.

Termination Date

Premium must be paid by sales closing date of the following year.

Continuous Policy

A policy remains active until canceled in writing by the insured. The policy will remain at the same level each year unless covrage level is changed on a new application by Sales Closing Date.

Beginner Farmer & Rancher (BFR) –must not have actively operated and managed a farm or ranch in ANY county/state, for more than 5 years, with an insurable interest in a crop or livestock as an: owner-operator, landlord, tenant, or sharecropper. Exclusions may apply: under the age of 18, in post-secondary studies or on active duty in the U.S. military.

Veteran Farmer & Rancher (VFR) – A veteran, who served in the active military, naval, or air service in the Armed Forces and was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable, and: has not operated a farm or ranch, has operated a farm or ranch for not more than 5 years; or is a veteran who has first obtained status as a veteran during eh most recent 5-year period, even if that veteran has previously operated a farm or ranch for more than five years. Applies to individuals on a nationwide basis and not for each state, county and crop. VFR is continuous once a veteran applies and qualifies (documentation submitted with application).

New Producer (NP) –a person who has not been actively engaged in farming for a share of the production of the insured crop in the county for more than 2 APH crop years.

Limited resource farmer/rancher – A limited resource farmer or rancher is defined as an individual who has: (1) Direct or indirect gross farm sales not more than$100,000 in each of the previous two years (to be increased starting in fiscal year 2004 to adjust for inflation using Prices Paid by Farmer Index as compiled by National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS)), and (2) A total household income at or below the national poverty level for a family of four, or less than 50 percent of county median household income in each of the previous two years (to be determined annually using Commerce Department Data).