Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) protects your investment should prices drop before your livestock gets to market while preserving your upside potential. LRP is similar to a put option, allowing producers to establish a floor price for protection while leaving upside price potential open. Unlike market contracts and options, it does not require a margin account or broker, it is closer to the actual ending value of the livestock and is based on cash market index price rather than the futures market. This federally-sponsored program insures against declining market prices (based on USDA’ Agricultural market Services).

LRP Basic Provisions

LRP Policy 1.20.2021

LRP – Feeder Cattle

LRP Feeder Cattle Endorsement– Fact Sheets

LRP Feeder Cattle Premium Calculation

LRP Feeder Cattle Underwriting Rules 1.20.2021

LRP Feeder Cattle Endorsement

LRP – Fed Cattle

LRP Fed Cattle Fact – Sheets

LRP Fed Cattle Premium Calculation

LRP Fed Cattle Underwriting Rules

LRP Fed Cattle Endorsement

RMA Livestock Risk Management Handbook
Livestock Risk Protection | Crop Insurance


Suspension of Livestock Risk Protection Basic Provisions
60-Day Ownership Requirement Due to Severe Drought | 05.19.22

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Understanding CME Feeder Cattle Index® (PDF)

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