Stacked Income Protection (STAX) – The Stacked Income Protection Plan (STAX) is a crop insurance product for upland cotton that provides coverage for a portion of the expected revenue for your area. STAX may be purchased on its own, or in conjunction with another policy referred to as a “companion policy.” Beginning with the 2017 crop year, you may also purchase STAX if your farm is covered under the Whole-Farm Revenue Protection policy. You may elect an optional endorsement for STAX which will provide yield only coverage for cottonseed at the same coverage range and protection factor as the underlying STAX policy.

    1. STAX Fact Sheet (PDF)
    2. STAX FAQ (Aug 12, 2014)
    3. Stacked-Income-Protection-Plan-Cotton-Crop-Provisions-20-STAX-0021 (PDF)
    4. STAX Cottonseed Endorsement (PDF)
    5. 2019 STAX and Agriculture Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage  (April 29, 2019)
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